My husband and I are huge fans of The Elder Scrolls video games. My husband was lucky enough to be invited to participate in last weekend’s BETA test! Since you are allowed to have multiple characters to one email account I was also given a few chances to play the game.

I think that the developers of The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) have done a fantastic job with this game. The quests that I have been able to experience so far have been interesting, fun, and rewarding! The landscapes that I have been able to explore have been absolutely beautiful. There are so many unique places to explore! The crafting system in the game is intricate and awesome! Also, being able to fight with other people when you are having a hard time defeating an enemy is another great (not required) perk!

There is no set time to complete quests. You are free to explore, gather supplies, or get a drink at the tavern whenever you desire. You are allowed to complete your quests in whatever order you like. How you play is completely up to you.

I think that if you have liked previous Elder Scrolls games or if you are a fan of Massive Multiplayer Online games, this game would be appealing to you. There really is something for everyone!

ESO is set to release for PC on April 4, 2014. Visit the official website for more details about the game and preorder bonuses:

Stay tuned for more posts after the official release of the game!

Photo is a screenshot from my actual gameplay!


New Blogger


Hello! I guess you could say that I am new to the blogging world! I used to blog when I was in high school. It was pretty petty. I was on a site that all of my friends used. We would talk about school, our feelings, and drama of course! Now that I have grown up, I have realized that there are more important things that I could be writing about!

I have taken up a new interest in freelance writing. I’m not necessarily looking to get paid…but if that ends up happening along the way, I’m not going to complain! Haha! I keep hearing that the best place to start is a personal blog. My blog is going to consist of personal opinions about politics, music, movies, video games and a lot of other things! I’m sure that I will be posting photos and videos that I find interesting/funny as well!

A few facts about me:
– I’m  all about equality for everyone.
I’m willing to debate a subject as long as the conversation is cordial. 
– I’m always ready to learn something new! If you have any suggestions for me please let me know!
– I’m always ready to laugh!
– I’m always going to be me!

Maybe no one will even read my blog. I think that if that does happen, I’ll be okay with it. Why? Because I am writing for me! I’m using this as an outlet to improve upon my writing skills. I am hoping that I am able to meet people who share the same interests along the way!

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